I have been testing a web content filtering solution that depends on execution of a VBS Active Directory logon script that I applied in our mixed directory environment using the default Group Policy Object. I tested the filtering server configuration while logging in from a test machine using the WinXP Novell Client 4.91 SP5 with Workstation Only checked (faster & I wasn't using any eDirectory resources). The configuration worked; we have filtering rules associated with AD users' group membership which the logon script reads & applies to the the user's session profile. I declared the testing a success -- until I logged into eDirectory using the Novell Client and *then* Windows. When I do, the AD logon script either fails to run, or fails in some other way, and the filtering mechanism no longer works (actually, it falls back to a default rule based on IP address, not user's AD account name & group membership).

I'm wondering what about the authentication process using the Novell Client is different when logging into eDirectory first than when logging into Workstation Only such a that it affects execution of Windows logon scripts? If not the client itself, where might I look for other culprits?