I am setting up a vpn to replace a frame relay. We have 3 sites and
adding one new site. Currently we have 1 tree and I am struggling to decide on whether I should set up a new tree for VPN services, or keep

one tree. We currently use proxy services at our main site and I want
keep that piece local (not set up proxy at the remote sites). The main

site has a T-1, 2 sites have DSL, and one has cable. Some users do
printing and file access over the WAN.

If I do set up a new tree, do I need 2 border servers at the main
One for proxy/firewall and one for VPN (one in each tree). Do I put
master replica for the new tree at one of remote sites?

How do others address the issue of backup communications if one of the

internet lines go down? Currently our routers are configured to do
through the phone line in case of commmunication loss, and I was
thinking of leaving that in place for backup by changing the default gateway.