Default IDM and Groupwise connector

Hello Groupwise users. Whe have GW8SP2HP2 on Linux SLES10SP2/OES2SP1 64-bits nodes. And whe have IDM 3.6.1. So now whe wanted to make a connector between our Groupwise mail-system and our eDir 8.5 tree. So when we make a new user account, IDM pass this to the Groupwise system, to make an Groupwise account also. Thats where IDM is all about, isn't it?
But NOW the problem, it seems that there is NO 64-bits Groupwise Remote Loader for Linux !!??
So whe cannot make the connection...
Is there anyone who know, if there is really NO 64-bits Remote Loader, because thats the IT Enviroment of today. Novell promoted Linux, and Groupwise 8.!! But didn't build a Connector ?? So you cannot
connect this two very good products???

I'am very happy if someone can help me out..., our must whe install Groupwise on 32-bits servers....

Kind regards,