Strange ZEN logout event triggering
ZCM 10.3.2, Windows XP/7, Novell Client installed, have a bundle associated to device and should be triggered at ZENworks logout. This all seems to work ok, in ordinary way. But, when user auth is ok with Novell Client (against eDir), but is not attached with DLU via ZEN and appear Windows Workstation login screen and user cancel this dialog and return to Novell Client login screen, then before mentioned bundle is triggered, in some unknown for me reason. Because there is no ZEN login, not speaking about logout. I have similar bundle set to trigger at user login ... it does not run same way. Also, don't see same behavior when bundle is set to run at user logout.
Any ideas?
Btw. this kind of cancelling login is seems to related to getting a'lot of Bundle.ItemCreationError's described in
More thanks, Alar.