I am trying to create a ZCM bundle for installing Adobe Reader. I get the full reader install and then extract the MSI file from the temp dir when I run the executable. I have also created a transform with the Adobe customization wizard. The problem is that the MSI file wants to use about a 100 MB data1.cab file that needs to in the same dir.

If I put the Adobe reader .msi, .mst and data1.cab file in a directory manually then at the command line do:

msiexec.exe -i acroread.msi TRANSFORMS=acroread.mst

everything works. So I try to build a bundle - on the Actions | Install tab I choose to "Install MSI". In this dialog there is a place to specify the .MSI file, and to specify the .MST file but no option for copying additional files to the same directory that ZCM will push these files down to.

If I use an 'Install Files' action, where do I tell it to copy the data1.cab file to? It needs to be in the zencache\GUID subdir that ZCM installs the msi and mst to but how do I know what directory name that is? Or is there a better way of doing this?