I have been trying to create a new image that is syspreped for Windows 7 Pro x64. I have created the system and tried to take an image. I get about 75% into the image and the system seems to get stuck copying files up to the server. It run through the same set of files repeatedly without end. I let the process continue last night to see how long it would take before failure. I ended up stopping the process an hour and a half later. The system seemed to be processing the same group of files inside the Windows directory (something to do with amd64) for over a half an hour.
I also tried to Multicast the image over to a different system (Master/Client) and the image became stuck at the same point.

I did reboot and run the sysprepped system to see if something was wrong with the setup that would fail and give me an idea on what to fix. The sysprep ran and deployed as designed without error.

Has anyone ran into this issue?

System Specs: HP 6735b, Win7SP1x64 syspreped on a 50GigByte partition 3 Gig of RAM. (Only Windows no add-ons)
ZCM > / SLES10.2