I have to have access to a netware 6 server at the office running
Bordermanager 3.7
My workstation at home is Windows XP, and I have a small network
and access to the internet through a fvs318 netgear router and a cable

modem. When I connect the computer directly to the cable modem, and
the Lan Vpn Login, I can connect to the Bordermanager server, and then
can also log into the tree, and context and work off the server
properly. If on the other hand, I try to do the same thing when the cable modem is connected to the router, and the workstation is
through the router, I can get email and browse the internet and have access to all internal stations/print servers, etc., and I can even
the Lan VPN Login icon to make a connection to the Bordermanager
but I cannot log into the tree or context of that server. I don't see

any ip encrypted packets recieved, only sent. I also have the name
IP address in the hosts file, so I am sure that this is not where my problem is. I cannot ping the Bordermanager server under these
conditions either, but I can if the cable is again moved from the
to my workstation.

I believe it is probably a setting in the fvs318 that I need to
but not sure what or where, or possibly the fvs318 is not compatible enough to allow this type of connection to Bordermanager.

Any help or insight would be appreciated.