I currently support a site-site BM 3.5 VPN, which has recently broken,
that the GroupWise 6 MTA's can no longer communicate, and the e-mail
passing from the primary domain at the master side to the secondary
at the slave side. I'm getting know where troubleshooting this the
last two
days, and since I'm going to replace the BM with Fortigate security
devices, I'd like to know what the recommended method is for removing
BorderManager from the servers. Each side is NetWare 5.1 SP5, The
master is
BM VPN and NAT only, with other internal servers handling file-print,e-mail, RAS, while the slave is also handling
file-print-groupwise-webaccess besides BM VPN, so the slave side has
potential for disruption.

Of course if you have ideas, guidance, etc. as to how I should be
troubleshooting the VPN break, I've got a little bit more energy, I
although the customer's patience is running very thin at the slave

Thanks for any help, ideas, etc.