I will also ask this in the BorderManager/filtering forum, but here's my issue: We run NetWare 6.5 with GroupWise 8.02 and BorderManager 3.8. We use external site Postini for spam filtering, and I have smtp inbound open only to Postini's servers, so that spammers can't try to send spam directly to our GWIA.

We have IMAP/POP3 open and that is working fine on home computers to send/receive emails. We also have no problems with Blackberry phones running BIS using IMAP to send/receive emails. Our problem comes from some other phones that are setup to use IMAP/POP3 - when they try to use the outbound settings (SMTP with auth), they are getting blocked UNLESS I open that cell provider's IP address inbound on SMTP. That works for a while, but there are way too many cell provider IP addresses for me to keep up (unless someone knows of a simple list somewhere?).

Is anyone else seeing the same problem? And how are you handling it? I do have a Mobility server, but with 2000+ users who may want email on their phone, I'm trying to reserve the Mobility server for admins only, and everyone else to use IMAP/POP3 on their phones.

Thanks for any advice,