I'm installing my first OES Linux server in my production tree. I'm following the directions in the installation guide. When I get to the Partitioning dialog, I want to set up EVMS. If I follow the directions (and they're pretty simple...hard to see how I could have gone wrong) I am unable to select "Create EVMS based proposal" because it is grayed out. The top of the box shows my disk as follows: "1. SCSI, 2.7 TB, /dev/sda, DELL-PERC 6/i". Below that it says "There are no partitions on this disk yet. The entire disk will be used for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 SP3". The only two proposal types available to me are "Propose Separate Home Partition" and "Create LVM Based Proposal". How do I get a volume managed by EVMS so I can install an NSS partition?