We have two bundles one is a vendor one...dameware msi...and the other is one we have created using admin studio and is a msi. The Dameware we set up as a Secure system user and is installed and runs perfectly the msi is on a server folder and no issues and even installs via "lightout" ..no user loged on and machine logged off and it installs at night no issues. The other one will not install via Secure System. bot on the same server etc and no changes.. even copying the dameware msi to the c drive and we have noticed it goes back to the server folder to install files. but the one we have created using admin studio just comes up with messages about either not a proper msi or the install can not see the folder where the items are kept..I am really stuck...as the msi works ok for normal user but understand secure user will not have rights to the folder but this does not explaiin the dameware one installing ok.