Dont know if Im doing it wrong,, and if so, exactly what....



3 BM Servers, on in each city,
to make it simple;

City1, BM1 192.168.0.??? Private ip-range,

City2, BM2 192.168.1.??? Private ip-range

City3, BM3 192.168.2.??? Private ip-range

Beein on site on the "Master" network with the BM1,
I can browse to the portal of each Server in each LAN including
the BM servers. I can also attach, map etc..etc like a complete
working solution...,,,

But, Here's my issue,
I understand that I cant connect with a client from home to BM1, and
by that see the servers behind bm2 and bm3,, That I know,,

But,, I cant access the BM1 through which I am accessing/coming in..
neither by NCP or by http....,,,

Is this supposed to work,, and if so,, any specific thing I have to
look into ...??

It's a full mesh setup, all above private net's are protected