I've created a hardware independent image which seems to be working fine.

If we purchase new hardware or just require to update the drivers on the image, I've been able to do it with XP SP3 before, use Image Explorer to open the zmg file and add the required drivers. When I pull down this image, it'll complete successfully but will prompt that it can't boot the HDD. Running the repair from the disc seems to fix that issue and then have been able to make any changes within Windows 7 x32.

The issue I've come across (also tested with a fresh installation; using image explorer, added a file, restored a computer with that image, repaired the Boot Manager with Win7 disc) is when using the 'Repair' feature on the disc it will some how corrupt Win7 entirely so when trying to recapture, it will freeze have way through. I've deleted files it kept getting stuck on but it will then just freeze on a different file.

So I'd like to know why this is the case, if anyone has experienced this, can anyone suggest a better more efficient method of updating drivers (without using third-party tools) it would be most appreciated.