Hello Group...

I have a problem with at Netware 6 small business server. The server
used for primay Groupwise.

My problem is that I can't connect to groupwise server over VPN. I
can ping
the ipaddress of groupwise POA.

Server config.:

Public NIC 62.xxx.xxx.xxx
DMZ NIC 80.xxx.xxx.xxx (the NIC is not used ad this time)

Groupwise POA:
Groupwise MTA:
Groupwise GWIA:
Groupwise Webaccess: 80.xxx.xxx.xxx

If I ping, I get good ping times. If I try to connect toGroupwise which that I am ping on it time-out (the pings
and the
GW logon)...??

same problem, if I unload IPFLT

Any good ides

Kim Henriksen
Novell CNE 5/6

*I am a computer Engeneer, if you hear me say UPS, then pray to that
have made a backup*