Hi all,

I have intermittent connections with the following VPN configuration:
Nw6 SP3 + TCP6.17 Domestic
BM 3.6 SP2

Public IP: 217.205.xx.xx/224
Private IP:
VPTunnel IP:

Public IP: 195.147.xx.xx/248
Private IP:
VPTunnel IP:

Static & Dynamic NAT enabled with pass thru = on
Slave callmgr shows Out-Connected
nwadmin VPN Activity shows Slave as Connected, shows Master as
Slave has intermittent NCP connectivity with the Master, lasting for about 20-30 seconds before dropping, and re-establishing. VPN itself

appears to stay up.

From the slave I cannot ping the Master Tunnel IP ( or

the Master Private IP ( Though ds.nlm on the Slave still announces a that it has established an NCP connection with the Master.

This also applies in reverse as well from the Master to Slave.

RIP is enabled, and the routes expected appear, as do the Protected
Network routes. All filters have been unloaded for testing.

Some thoughts on this would be very much appreciated.

BTW. The slave is behind a 2Mbs No NAT ADSL line, the Master behind a

2Mbs SDSL No NAT line.