Hello all, I am rolling Software restriction policie out with Zenworks 11 and GPO..I;ve pretty much have it all worked out, but I am having trouble with one aspect. I want to restrict software from running on the users home_directory. Windows and Windows 2003/2008 understand the variable %HOMEDRIVE%, to be a users network folder..I need the equivalent inthe novell world, that windows recognizes as a variable...I used to be able to use these built in varables in Netware, before we moved to OES2 SP2:


The client used to add them on install I believe...This would be useful as I could then call from the SRP:

and I could then restrict software from running from this share from the workstation, once Zenworks 11 pushes the policy. Is there a modern day equivalent I am missing, I have tried the login script varables, but since these are not a part of the windows variables, they do not work, I tried:


And, as thought, since they are not embeded in the windows variables, no luck...any luck would be MUCH appreciated. Let me know if I am missing something. SYS and Public are mapped, just in case.