Have installed:
-Novell NetWare 5 Server + SPACK 5.0.6 (v6.0a Support Pack for NetWare
-Novell BorderManager 3.5.0 + BorderManager 3.5 Support Pack 3

Internet: ISDN connection to ISP
Inet lan card have ip adress
Intranet lan card have ip adress
Public static ip 195.x.y.z

I setup VPN service with next configuration:
Server Name: XXX
Server Type: Master Server

Public IP Address: 195.x.y.z
Public IP Mask:
VPN Tunnel IP Address:
VPN Tunnel IP Mask:

My local ip net is:
In BM access rules setup access for VPN client.

VPN client (both versions 3.5 & last 3.7) connect into vpn net through

internet (to 195.x.y.z) or intranet (to and cannot ping
hosts... even

tried unload ipflt - the same rezult.

Please, ask me - what am i doing uncorrectly

Thank You.