We are using Archiving in GroupWise to allow users a mechanism for keeping old emails without causing the "live" mail system disk size to grow uncontrollably. Now we are wondering if there is a way to provide this archive to a departing user in a way that they could read/search it once they are gone and no longer a GroupWise user.

I think this would be easy enough with the live mailbox, as one could just connect to GroupWise with one of the "universal" clients (Outl*** for example - gasp!) and collecting the mail as a .pst and sending the user on their merry way with their file(s). Please correct me if I am wrong here. But what about a GroupWise Archive (without unarchiving all the contents)?

Is providing the GW client on a machine that has been run in caching mode and brought up to date and then moving the archive to that machine a valid solution, technically and legally (EULA), not-withstanding the corporate approval to give the user a copy of the mailbox?