I'm using the following code (C#) to create an appointment (uci is a CalendarItem from another app):

Folder cal = _account.Calendar;

Appointment9 newentry = (Appointment9)cal.Messages.Add("GW.MESSAGE.APPOINT MENT");

newentry.OnCalendar = true;
newentry.FromText = uci.Sender;
newentry.StartDate = uci.StartDate;
newentry.EndDate = uci.EndDate;
newentry.Place = uci.Location;
newentry.Subject.PlainText = uci.Title;
newentry.BodyText.PlainText = uci.Description;
newentry.BusyType = uci.Available?TimeBlockConstants.egwFree:TimeBlock Constants.egwBlocked;
newentry.Private = uci.IsPrivate;
newentry.AlarmReminderMinutes = 0;
newentry.AlarmSet = false;

But still, the created appointment has an alarm at 15 minutes (apparently that's the default). I tried AlarmTime, but that returns an error. What am I doing wrong? Why does this appointment still get an alarm??

I am using gwcma1.dll version

Any help greatly appreciated.