We have Netware 6.5 SP7 with Windows XP Pro SP3 on the workstations (about 75 workstations). We are running IP only (gigabit speed) on the entire network. The workstations are running 4.91 SP4 of the Novell client.

My problem, as described below, happens on every pc. Considering that it happens to every person and on every pc I don't think it is cable related, switch related, computer related (unless it's a client setting), user name related, etc.

Scenario 1 (slow):
- user is logged in to the network and they restart their pc (not a shutdown, but a restart)
- after typing in their Netware password, the screen will go black with only the arrow and it will sit like this for several minutes
- after waiting several minutes, the black screen will go away and it will continue the login process by running the login script and load the Windows operating system

Scenario 2 (fast):
- user is logged in to the network, but instead of restarting their pc, they do a shutdown.
- after the shutdown, they leave the computer off for several minutes and then turn it back on
- when they type in their password they don't get the long delay with the black screen (as described above in scenario 1). It immediately runs the login script, loads the Windows operating system, etc and they are up and running in just a few seconds.

Why does doing a restart instead of shutdown cause the long delay in the login process?