I'm finally getting around to migrating from a NW6.5SP7 box to OES2SP3, but this box is our main file server and has about 1.2TB of data and, sadly, a whole bunch of small files in it. What would the best way be to try to precopy some of that data and then just have the system compare them at the end when I finally do the Transfer ID migration? I'm tempted to try to do a file service transfer with SCMT and only transfer the file services, but I hesitate to use SCMT just for a pre-copy, worrying that it will somehow affect the later final transfer if it things it's doing the transfer it needs to first. I'd consider using a third party utility to copy the files over (Beyond Compare comes to mind) but don't want to lose the NSS specific information in the process. Any suggestions, or am I just stuck having to wait for the data transfer to go through all at once? Thanks in advance!