I am setting up a small ext3 partition on a few computers to do a local backup image to so it will be easier to re-image them when we need to.
I mounted the partition (bkpart) and performed a:
img makel /mnt/bkpart/backupimage.zmg
this backed up the 100mb Win7 recovery partition and the C drive which is what I wanted and worked fine.

On our other imaging process thru the network I usually dump all the destination partitions using fdisk and then restore the image(s) just to start over clean.

Is the fdisk necessary??

I want to do this local restore and just basically boot up, mount the ext3 partition and run a:
img restorel /mnt/bkpart/backupimage.zmg

I did this and I saw it say "Pre-formatting partition" or something along those lines.
For some reason I always thought that if you just do a straight restore it just updates the image which was the reason I always fdisk'd the old way.
As a test I created a txt file on the desktop then re-imaged it with just a straight restore (no fdisk) and it worked and the txt file was gone after reboot, which is what I wanted.

Can someone clear this up for me? Is this actually wiping the destination partitions?