Hi all.

This is my idea:
I have ListOfBundles bundle with all the bundles that my devices may need.
In PXE boot I will run a ssh to a ZCM server with zman (we already have a script in PXE boot, that does ssh and run zman commands to delete the device from ZCM), there I will run:
1. zman bundle-create BundlesToInstall<date><randomnumber> bundle
2. zman bundle-list-actions from the ListOfBundles to file
3. Read file and let the user select which sub-bundles he wants to install
4. For each sub-bundle run zman bundle-add-actions to BundlesToInstall<date><randomnumber>
5. write the name of BundlesToInstall<date><randomnumber> bundle in Zenworks Image Safe Data
6. Start dump
7. addon zcm agent
8. Read bundle name from Safe Data.
9. ssh to server, zman bundle-assign BundlesToInstall<date><randomnumber> to this device
11. zac bundle-install BundlesToInstall<date><randomnumber>
12. ssh to server, zman bundle-delete BundlesToInstall<date><randomnumber>

I want to run several machines at the same time, in this case, ListOfBundles is always the same, but BundlesToInstall<date><randomnumber> is always different between them.
Im putting <date> because I will create all those bundles in one folder. Normally this folder should be empty, but if something goes wrong I can delete the bundles older than today.

What do you think?

Thanks, TA.