I have a user who insists that emails are not being received by some internet recipients.

So I immediately investigate the GWIA logs which reveal the following pattern for all the emails that I checked, for one particular recipient email address:

[IPs and domain names changed]

09:35:00 296 MSG 68379 Sender: bl@xxx.com.au
09:35:00 296 MSG 68379 Recipient: dh@yyy.com.au
09:35:00 296 MSG 68379 Converting message to SMTP: /mail/wwcdom/wpgate/gwia/send/xd79ecc4.329
09:35:00 296 MSG 68379 Queuing message to daemon: /mail/wwcdom/wpgate/gwia/send/sd79ecc4.329
09:35:00 752 DMN: MSG 68379 Sending file: /mail/wwcdom/wpgate/gwia/send/pd79ecc4.329
09:35:00 752 DMN: MSG 68379 Attempting to connect to mail.yyy.com.au
09:35:00 752 DMN: MSG 68379 Connected to [] (mail.yyy.com.au)
09:35:02 752 DMN: MSG 68379 Transferred
09:35:02 752 DMN: MSG 68379 SMTP session ended: [] (mail.yyy.com.au)

To my mind, "Transferred" means the recipient email server has taken the email, so as far as I am concerned the email has been delivered. But with much finder pointing at Groupwise I have been assured that the recipient is not receiving them.

Do others agree that "Transferred" does mean without doubt that the email has been received by the recipient server?

I've checked that the sending GWIA server is not on an RBL. So I am pointing the finger at the recipient email server and that their email admin needs to get involved to see exactly what is going on. However I have been refused permission to contact the recipient organisation, because the sender is so certain the issue is at our end [roll eyes].

What could the problem be at the receiving server if we see no errors at our end?
I suspect some antispam system or client junk mail settings. Are there any other possibilities that anyone can suggest ?

- Gordon