I have a User Source in 10.3.1 where a lot of containers are added in
different levels.
But there are way too many of them, so they should be "moved up a

So from the User Source Root: A is the top and container A1, A2 and A3
is under "A", and A1A, A1B, A1C is under "A1".

Right now A1A, A1B and A1C is specified, but I want to point to "A1"
in stead, so I then have only 1 in stead of 3 comtainers defined in

If I delete them and create a "A1" container, I'll loose all my
precious relations, and I don't want that.
If I create a "A1" container, it'll get aan error stating, that I
already have child containers defined.

Then there is the "Replace" option, and it says it will do just that.
Merge subfolders into a higher ranking container.

But it isn't documented anywhere, not in the on-line help or in the
PDF help. There is a screenshot depicting it, but the text does not
mention it.

Should I mark off A1A, A1B and A1C before pressing "Replace"?
Or will "Replace" now what containers to replace?

No matter what I do, it errors out with "One or more child containers
have already been added. Delete the child container to add the
But that sort of defeats the purpose...

How do I go about this?