This is probably an old question, but cannot find information on
this anywhere.

We have a BM 3.7SP2 server on Netware6 (Patched) and single VPN
clients can connect to our vpn just fine. However, clients
behind NAT devices (Linux Firewalls/DSL Router) can connect, but
get disconnected about 30 seconds after connect with "VPN Server not responding".

I have tried to add the VPN/NAT filters as described in Craigs books
but didn't help. Tried unloading the Filters, still no good. Same

This is a replacement server. The old one has been killed. And thisall worked on the old server. 6.0novell with 3.7 bm.

I seem to remember something about NAT needing to be on or off on one
the interfaces, but I cannot remember. We are on a dedicated t1 line
the VPN clients come into BM through a public IP.

This BM is also a HTTP Proxy/Linkwall system for the internal network


Anyone have any ideas?