Hi there - I have a HUGE problem with the email account of one of my school principals and I'm looking for some advice. I've listed what has happened (in a nutshell) and the current status to see if anyone can offer any suggestions.

We run Groupwise 8.02 on Netware servers and linux servers. This particular post office is on a linux vmware server.

1. Post office was running out of space
2. Started GWCHECK on the post office - structure contents fix to get space back (have done this often)
3. Email stopped flowing during this process, parent/teacher conferences were going on so I stopped the process
4. Principal called and said he couldn't get into his mailbox
5. Log had the error: d115 security breach
6. Changed password, no change
7. Found Novell doc 10007474 - ran that process against his mailbox and everything was fine. He could get into his mail and it "appeared" to be fine
8. Later that night I ran a GWCHECK on the post office - reduce only; empty trash older than 365
9. Next day Principal called and his entire cabinet was empty (no mail, no folder). Inbox, trash, calendar and address book all fine. And his mailbox reverted back to his original password.
10. Yesterday I ran a GWCHECK on his mailbox - structural rebuild; no inconsistencies found
11. Then I ran a GWCHECK on his mailbox - analyze fix, structure, index check, fix problems

Now this is where I"m at:
1. Mailbox will no longer open using the GroupWise client - getting a gwxplt1.dll error
2. Mailbox WILL open using web access
3. Inbox is empty
4. Trash is empty
5. Cabinet is now FULL of folders and email. When I run an audit he has over 22,000 items
6. Test Email I send him does not appear in his mailbox - but on my end shows as sent
7. I found in the forum "client crashing with gwxplt1.dll" but none of that helped

It's like the mail is all there but he can't see it. And now it won't even open in the client. Any suggestions?? I do not have a backup to restore from.

Thank you very much!!
Allison Thompson
GroupWise Administrator
Infinite Campus Administrator
School District of New Berlin