Good Evening All -

I have come to an odd situation here & I'm pretty sure there must be
easy fix, but I don't know what direction to go in.

We have Radius setup & in the past could connect to our internal
via VPN via high speed internet capabilities (cable & dsl connections)

from users homes via SecuRemote. Within the last month, we are slowly

losing the ability to log in via the cable or dsl connections.
it just tells the user that it can not connect to the server & if we
to update the site info, we get user can not be found.

If we use a dial up connection to the internet, all users can
authenticate fine, it's only the dsl or cable connections.

The original BM/Radius/Firewall was setup by a consultant that no
is with our company, so I need to figure out how to figure this out.

The original configuration that was setup was on BM3.6. We started
this problem with one user, then we upgraded to BM3.7 & more users are

having this issue. It's like one by one the certificate lease is up &

Radius no longer will accept via cable or dsl connections for specific

users. All users are on different dsl or cable connections, so I
honestly do not think it's an ISP thing, eventhough I could be wrong.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.