Encountered a horrible session with getting a NetWare 6.5 SP6 server back
up. We have been fighting this Netware server that was hanging on loading
the HP array drivers from startup.ncf in the stage zero loading, it would
hang and then timeout to a nameless server prompt after failing to load
HPQCISS array driver.

The problem was that sometime ago we received a critical advisory message
from HP that it was "urgent" that update the HPQCISS drivers and such was
done however the server was not rebooted. several weeks went by until early
last night and this server rebooted and failed to come up with the above
described situation. Ok the most recent HP update isn't new as in 2011 but
it's the most current that HP offered.

After 14 hours and support incidents opened with both Novell & HP with no
success in getting the server back up, we back rev'ed the driver to 1.10
version dated 10/01/06 and the server came up (Old school note: you have to
update the drivers in both C:\nwserver AND c;\nwserver\DRIVERS TOO!!). HP
thought it was bad controller despite the fact we swapped drives to a
different G5 with the same failed result and Novell advise to delete the
SERVCFG files was something we had already tried before opening an SR with
them so they stated it was a hardware issue. Neither HP or Novell suggested
we go back to prior driver version to fix this.

My best guess is that newest HP array drivers seem may be coded to reflect
the newer G6's running the latest firmware code as the driver code is shared
between both G5's & G6's. In our situation, we have some older G5's with
older 2007 & 2008 firmware code which up to this update were running just
fine until this new driver code was applied.

Just wanted to pass this along in case it helps other older Netware sites.