So we seem to have this odd issue and wonder if anybody has any insight. We are running and our endpoints are Windows 7 Enterprise 32 bit. All 54 of our primary servers are running on Server 2008 R2 Enterprise running ZCM and our backend db is on a SQL. cluster Everything works fine in house. Our closest server rules are all subnet based, not folder based. We have all of our apps launched via NAL which runs at start up.

Our issue is this:
If the machine boots up while connected to an external network, either wired or wireless, the ZCM splash screen will sit there forever. I have waited over an hour to see if it would load more than once. The app launcher window will not load. If the same machine is booted up with the no network connection active by turning off the wireless and not plugging it into wired then it boots fine and if you then connect it to a network after everything is loaded, it continues to work.

I have tested multiple models with multiple combinations of bundle assignments against multiple external networks.

Any ideas? TIA