Trying to manually move Netware GW 6 to OES2 Linux GW 8.8 SP2, new tree and graft. But the POA database will not upgrade to 8.


Old SBS 6 Netware 6.0 SP5 server with Groupwise mta/poa 6.0.4.
15 users.

Purchased and maintaining Small Business Edition 2.5.
Because install scripts did not work well for me. I wanted to start small and grow.
Broke apart SBE into file server and groupwise server.

New Xen SUSE 11 SP 1

host 1 - SUSE 10 SP3 OES 2 SP3 - eDirectory and Files Server

host 2 - SUSE 10 SP3 OES 2 SP3 - eDirectory and Groupwise 8.8SP2


Ran verify and maintenance on GW 6.

Used procedure to DBcopy files to new server.
I had shut down GW 6 and did two pass. Just because I am trying to follow
some sort of procedure.

Installed GW 8.8. and I was able to graft in the Groupwise.
Go and make changes to setting to map to new tree.
IP addresses for MTA and POA. Checked Link Sync. Path to SDD is working.
Copied /domain and /po database schemas to /gw/dom & /gw/po.


./gwmta -home /gw/dom -show &

./gwpoa -home /gw/po -show &

And both come up ok.

Console one show that MTA is at version 8 but that POA is 6.
Try Rebuilding and doing maintenance. But cannot get POA database to update.
Verify and rebuild all come back ok.

I have done this procedure a couple of times and cannot get it to work.
I did not upgrade the SBS 6 because of production server and did not want to have to fix old system.
I am hoping that is not the answer. Also, I am not sure the path to upgrade this server.

My only other thought is to get a 6.5 GW linux up and running and then upgrade to that and continue from there. I think that our maintenance allows us access to the GW 6.5.

I thought I had chosen a simple clean route but it has turned out to be a tough road. I have gotten back into Novell and I learned alot. But not being able to upgrade the POA database and not knowing why is very frustrating.

Your ideas would be greatly appreciated.