I have installed DSfW using a fresh install of OES2 SP3 in an existing tree into a VMWare ESXi 4.1 server, the tree had been partitioned.

We currently do not have any AD machines installed (just an old NT Domain but this has a different name) – All of my OES machines are configured the same NTP server.

The install and provisioning all went well except for the samification section that reported the following to the /var/opt/novell/xad/log/provisioning.log file:

DS error: Security Accounts Manager validation failed (-6090) at /opt/novell/xad/lib/perl/XAD/secure.pm line 497, <DATA> line 819.
at /opt/novell/xad/lib/perl/Logger.pm line 119
Logger::_err('NDS error: Security Accounts Manager validation failed (-6090...') called at /opt/novell/xad/lib/perl/Logger.2
Logger::Log(0, 'NDS error: Security Accounts Manager validation failed (-6090...') called at /opt/novell/xad/lib/perl/XAD/s9
secure::samify_all_domain_objects('frd_install=HAS H(0x8167834)') called at /opt/novell/xad/share/dcinit/provision/provision8
2011-03-11 18:03:36 samifying cn=LDAP Group - lnbck01,ou=Servers,dc=tsi-ltd,dc=int

As I was unable to resolve this and I had read that it could be done afterwards, I skipped the step and completed the provisioning wizard.

I have since tried to understand how to repeat the samification section but cannot work it out – So that is my first plea for help!

If I try a xadcntrl validate, it does not report any errors everything is showing as running.

If I try and join the domain using a Windows XP installation (SP3) that has not been a member of any domain previously – I get the error message “Unable to update the password. The value provided as the current password is incorrect” – I get the same reports from Windows 7 and a Windows 2003 R2 Server.

kinit administrator@tsi-ltd.int
rpcclient -k localhost -c dsroledominfo

Machine Role = [5]
Directory Service is running.
Domain is in native mode.

wbinfo –u reports the administrator user along with a bunch of other users that I expect to see.

The only error message I can see anywhere is in the message.log
winbindd[7521]: write_data: write failure. Error = Broken pipe

The installation has been patched to date.

Any help on this one would be appreciated, this is the first DSfW I have attempted and I am lost on what do to next!