NOWS SBE customers wishing to do a manual install of the component products have had a difficult time locating media for those products. That has now changed.

When you view your products in your NCC account, there will be a new item appearing under Product Family:
Novell Open Workgroup Suite (NOWS)

When you expand it, you should see:

Novell Open Workgroup Suite - Release 12 2007
Novell Open Workgroup Suite - Release 12 2007 Downloads: Media

If you click on the Media link you should be taken to another page with a link to these products:

-> proceed to download
Link to Open Enterprise Server e-Media Download
Link to GroupWise e-Media Download
Link to LibreOffice Novell Edition for Windows eMedia Download
Link to SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop eMedia Download
Link to ZENworks Configuration Management eMedia Download
Link to ZENworks Linux Management e-Media Download
Install instructions

You will notice that all these items show "Download" but no link is provided. To get to the actual download page, click the -> proceed to download at the top right.

The Novell Open Workgroup Suite (NOWS) item should appear automatically when NOWS SBE is initially added to the customer's NCC account. Now, for the bad news: Existing customers will have to have the link created manually by NCC.

If you want or need the component product media, you can contact the NCC at: Don't forget to provide the NCC account numbers where the links should be created. If you have or are responsible for multiple accounts, you will have to have the link added to each applicable account.

NOTE: After NCC created the link for me I still could not see it until I cleared my browser cache. You may have to do likewise.