I ran across a very strange problem yesterday. I have a bank of PCs, all frozen and running Client32 4.91 (SP unknown) that have worked great since they were installed. All of a sudden, most of them began reporting "Tree of Server Not Found" when attempting to login. Network connectivity was fine, the Client32 LDAP component was working (i.e., changing contexts as the username was input), but wouldn't ever login.

#1: I logged in locally and noticed the system clock was a few hours off (the date was correct). I resync'd the time and was able to login immediately.

#2: I moved to another PC and again logged in locally. I checked SLP status and it was sitting as "INIT" (even after a few minutes). After resync'ing the workstation time, SLP registered and everything worked great.

#3: I moved to another PC and logged in locally. I started the eDir authentication process. As it was waiting (to timeout), I sync'd the workstation clock. As soon as it sync'd the login process finished successfully.

All servers in the tree are sync'd and the SLPDA is running (I reset it before I discovered the clock issue). I looked at several TIDs and couldn't find any correlation between SLP and the workstation time but may have just missed it.

Thanks for the help!