Running GW 8.0.2 on NW 6.5.6

I never used to have a problem unloading the GWIA in the past. Ever since we
switched from Palm Treos with POP accounts to EVOs with IMAP, I have had
nothing but trouble.

Occasionally, I will get a screwy email that will cause GWIA to generate an
abend on my server every time the recipients EVO tries to retrieve the
email. I had thought that these abends were the reason I was having trouble
unloading my GWIA.

However, following a fresh reboot, I tried to unload the GWIA and it never
unloaded. I gave it 10 minutes to unload, before trying to shut down the
server so I could reload it. As was happening before, I cannot even shut
down my server when this happens.

At this point, if I ever need to reboot the server or restart the GWIA once
the it loads, the best I can do is unload as many apps as possible and then
perform a hard power down of the box.

Is there a way to forcibly shut down the GWIA or does anybody have any ideas
as to what may be causing this?