My setup is as follows:
BM37 + SP2 +FP3D running on NW6 SP3 + TCP607K patch etc.
This server is acting as Firewall HTTP, FTP & Mail Proxy and
VPN Server.

The public interface of the BM Server has public address bound
to it. The ADSL Router is through a switch connected to the
public interface.

A NT4 SP6a WS with the latest VPN client (29-10-2003) can do a
LAN VPN log in. Login script runs and I can browse the internal
network and 2 other NW6 servers. I can als run RealVNC session to
a WS internal on the network.
No difference to unloaded or loaded IPFLT, so conclusion must be
that the VPN setup must be OK.


If I try to make connection through either Dial Up to internet
Client VPN or ADSL LAN VPN login to the public IP address bound to
the public interface (exactly the same as in the NT4 WS setup)
I can never make a connection to the NW 6 LAN through VPN.

Message is:
Failed authenticating user
The vptunnel driver returned an error.

To put it short:
If I connect behind the DSL router straight on the public interface of

the VPN Server Client to Site VPN works fine, and if I connect through

the DSL router I don't seem to be able to make a VPN connection.

Therefore the DSL Router (which is provided with the Business DSL
subscription in the Netherlands) must be blocking important VPN
If so, would that be the Protocol 57, port 353 and 2010?

Can anyone confirm my fears in this?

In advance I thank everyone who would take time to consider this

Jan de Vries