Hello list.

Next time we have to migrate our GW8 SP2 HP1 system from Netware 6.5.8 to a new physical machine. On the old machine there only runs a domain and a post office. The new machine is a FSC BX620 S5 server with two 300 GB HDD configured in RAID1.
We're not sure how to:
The OS we need. SLES10 or SLES11. What OES integration?

What's about the disk? Which filesystem give max. availability and performance to the system. Is it good to split the disks in different partitions.I thought about this:
OS: 50GB
GroupWise: ~220GB
Swap: ~2GB

When I understand the manuals right, NSS-volumes are only avalable on seperate disks.
For access the software distribution folders I need the samba package.
Can we integrate the machine into an AD?

What's a good method to migrate the PO to the new machine? We can use dbcopy or beginfinite's reload here.

Thanks in advance your answers.

Best regards.

Dirk Emmermacher