Hi, I have installed groupwise system with a internal network card active.

I use a mail gateway who is responsable to get email come from internet and pass to groupwise server, and get email from groupwise and send to internet.

On properties of GWIA (smtp/mime) I use the option relay host for outbound messages with ip of my mail gateway, and it works fine.

Only email sent to groupwise server from mail gateway is not accepted, in the log from mail gateway, I see that the email is sent to groupwise server, but the connection on port 25 is refused. The firewall is disable.

The connection between mail gateway an groupwise server is by another network card (and another network), who I have configured after the instalation of groupwise system.

So I believe that the groupwise is listening on network 192.168.0 but it must listen on network 192.168.1, How can I verify who network card the groupwise is listening?