I have a Windows 7 image whose partitions are as follows:
1 - *NTFS - 100 MB
2 - NTFS - 25000 MB

I uploaded the image using the command:
img makep [serverIP] myimage.zmg x3 x4

I then tried restoring the image on (for example) an 80 GB hard drive. As soon as the image is done restoring, if I run "img dump", the partitions show as 100 MB & 25000 MB (i.e. the sizes of the original image). Windows 7 boots up fine, but then only sees 25 GB of an 80 GB hard drive. I could resize manually within Windows, but that's hardly ideal when you have hundreds of PCs.

I've tried creating the partitions in advance (100 MB for #1 and the rest for #2, around 79900), I've tried *not* creating the partitions in advance, and in both cases I've tried all possible combinations of a1:p1, a2:p2, making separate images and then using a1:p1 for each one, restoring just the larger partition (with and without a1:p1 or a2:p1), re-uploading the image using different parameters (setting different partitions as active), re-uploading just the large partition and then restoring that....nothing works.

I did not have this problem on XP using Zen7. I would do the same steps and ZEN wouldn't touch the partition size, leaving me with my 80 GB. I've tried both the 10.3.1 and 10.3.2 ISOs.

At first I thought the problem centered around Windows 7's 100 MB partition, but it seems the ZCM imaging engine is overwriting my partition size regardless of what type of partition it is.

Anyone else run into this or a similar issue? Or if you don't have the problem, which commands did you use to create & restore the zmg file?