Here is my current setup:
GroupWise 8.0.2hp1 on NetWare 6.5sp8
DataSynchronizer sp3 on SUSE 11sp1

I set up SUSE 11 on vSphere for my DataSynchronizer server based on this
article from the Cool Solutions site:

Unfortunately, I set my "var" logical volume to only 2 GB, which
apparently is insufficient. I only have two users set up for a pilot
test with Androids, but I'm now getting warnings from SUSE that this
logical volume is out of space.

I have 1GB of attachment data in
/var/lib/datasync/syncengine/attachments going back to November 2010
eating most of that logical volume. Everything looks setup properly for
the nightly maintenance and clean-up according to TID 7008028. Is there
something in here that is safe to delete?

Can I easily allocate more space to the logical volume? I know this is
more of a SUSE question, but thought someone here may have run up
against this and know of an easy fix.