I have a small business customer (3 users). Essentially, everyone has full access to all files. When I setup a new OES2-SP3 server (S1) I created a DATA folder on NSS and copied over the user files using rsync. I am now using rsync on another remote OES2-SP3 server (S2), running as root, to backup all the changed files onto the NSS volume on S2. It's working pretty much as expected but there are two files that always appear in the list of files that rsync finds and I know they haven't changed.

rsync -X  -avhuz -e ssh root@S1:/media/nss/DATA/ /media/nss/BACKUP 2>&1 | ssh root@S1  "cat >> /media/nss/DATA/remote_backup_server/rsynclog.txt"
After the DATA folder was setup, things looked like this for each file:
Linux owner: root
Linux group: root
Linux octal permissions: 777
eDirectory creator: S1

The two files in question show:
Linux owner: admin
Linux group: root
octal permissions: 777
eDirectory creator: admin

"admin" is the OES admin account which is LUM enabled.

I also have no problems with files created by other users who are not LUM enabled. Those files show:
Linux owner: nobody
Linux group: root
octal permissions: 666
eDirectory creator: <user>

So, the question is: Why does rsync think the files created by my LUM enabled admin user have changed each time it runs?