hey there everyone,

any of you ppl had the problem with PO's staying behind and piling up events?
I have two PO's that are doing that. at first I did not really give a shoot cause they always calmed down. but now one of em is really getting it on. by now I have 6332 events piling up and a sty behind time of 0:00:00.628046.
I'm running the latest version of DS and have a sweep cycle lenght of 15 seconds. I fiddeled with the cycle length cause I had problems with events failed in send to sync engine in the former version (290) and had success with it.
thing is, if I have rconj running against the PO (yeah right the stressie one) I can't see a thing. everything is running smooth and errorless, so I assume that the PO itself is healthy. but how come it's piling up events like there's no tomorrow all of a sudden???
any help, suggestion or recommendation is highly appreciated :-)

thx and have a nice one