1) We are seeing when disconnected from any network and a user attempts to login "workstation only" that sometimes the ZCM login box appears. Most the time, if a user then enters their credentials into ZCM login box it logs into Windows and ZCM using their cached credentials.

2) Very rarely offline on "workstation only" login, it appears that passive login works (no ZCM login box appears) but when windows logs in I can see that ZCM is not authenticated as anyone.

3) We are also seeing the ZCM realm error offline and doesn't allow the user to login to ZCM using the cached credentials until they log back into the actual user source on the network. Then when the user goes offline again, passive login will either work succesfully or gets presented with ZCM login box which they need to reauthenticate before logging into ZCM.

I have tested on different devices and users with the same policies ect applied and it seems to be random if it works or not. We had planned to use ZCM cached credentials offline to deliver program shortcuts and policies to users but it seems too unreliable.

Please help!

ZCM 10.3.1
Novell Client 2 SP1 IR3, IR4 & IR5
Windows 7 & SP1