GroupWise 8.0.2.hp2, WinXP, Win7-64.

After migrating to GW I had to notice, that it's not possible to paste attachments
into a new email from the windows clipboard. Is this fact, or do I miss something?
Drag-drop multiple files from a folder works fine.

Let me tell, what that is used for: The order mails need attachments of CAD
drawings. The files needed for *ONE* order mail are spread throughout the file
system. So I wrote a small applet, where the order team people can type in the
product IDs, then click [OK] -> this applet looks up all the CAD files needed, and
places *ALL* of then at once into the Windows Clipboard.

With the former email client[1] it was possible to paste all these files using
"CTRL+v" as attachments to the emails. With the GWClient this seems to be not

The work around is now this:
- open an empty folder
- paste the files from clipboard to that folder
- drag drop them to the open GW email.

This is classified as an unacceptable constraint! Well, you do know how users can
argue, when they loose convenience, don't you? :-//

So maybe there is a different approach to attach multiple files from multiple paths
in *ONE* step to a given email that I'm currently writing?

Any suggestions appreciated, Rudi.

[1] Tobit David v10