One of our 2 servers has started hanging on the hour regular as clockwork. It hangs stone dead, no console or ping response.

This has started happening after Novell support repaired a problem with eDirectory where we were getting -632 errors trying to login or get to consolone. They fixed that and as far as I can tell that is all working. They swear that nothing they did could have caused the problem. I do still get -626 and -676 errors trying to look at Replicas using iMonitor. Can't find anything using ndsrepair.

I have stopped cron but that makes no difference. As far as I can tell no NDS timed activities processes work exactly by clock time. I changed the Janitor process from 60 minutes but that has also not helped.

This is a Replica, the Master is working fine.

Hard to debug since I only have a 58 minute window.... (after reboot) Any clues please?