i recognized high usage on one of our POA's. In the POA Log (Verbose Logging) there is lots of these messages and they are recurring sometimes 10 times in one second and sometimes 1 time in 20 seconds, but it is alot of these messages:

16:39:07 680 Notifying client at: 192.168.X.XXX Connection socket 549 Bag ID 64619

It is all about one single client IP who has the newest Groupwise 8.02HP2 Client on Windows XP Pro. It is kind of a brand new installation, he never had an old client on that PC. I made a gwcheck with kind of all options, but that didnt help. It is also a very big user database with lots of shares.

There is also a bug, that other users, who have shared folders from this user and work with him, that these coworkers get memory exception at their own groupwise client, though they are working in their own mailbox for example.
The error on their Groupwise is: Error: Memory error. Memory function failure [8101].
In the POA Log you can see that it has something to do with the big user i first mentioned because his Account name is mentioned in the error message.

I checked the client and though all the messages on the POA occur, the client itself seems to idle, the user is not doing searches or anything like that.

- What is the meaning of these POA Messages ?
- Where does it come from?

Server is OES2 Linux with Grpwise 8.02HP2
Client is all Windows XP Pro SP3 with Grpwise 8.02HP2

thanks in advance