Hey guys, not really a agent deployment issue, but I wasn't sure where else to ask this.

We have 50 ish satellite servers, all at the end of very slow links (256k-512k). The satellites are windows xp VM's sitting on oes2 sp2 boxes (we made them before you could have linux satellites).

They have 30gb of disk space, which every now and again they manage to fill up. The OS takes up 2.5 gb and the content repository should only be about 3gb. Some times the cache just goes mental, like today i've had to clear down 24 of them, because they all had low disk space (2gb or below) and 2 had run out of space. Doing a "zac cc" instantly clears about 10gb of space in most cases.

I'd love to just rebuild these devices, but given the link they are on, it takes the link out to those sites for 2 and a half days, and no one can install anything in the mean time.

Also, if I completly trash one of them and build it from scratch, the content repository takes up 3gb (they all have the same content) but older ones have grown as large as 10GB. a cdp cleanup, never seems to clear any space down.

They are all running 10.3.1 but we've seen the same issues with 2.2 and 3.

Has anyone else seen the cache go so mental? and seen the content repository be so off?