I'm trying to get CIFS working on my OES2sp2 server. Imanager is running on that server, when I go to File Protocols, CIFS and select my server it reports that CIFS is not currently running on this server, however on the server I can verify that cifs is in fact running, via the command rcnovell-cifs status.
When I click on start in Imanager I get the errror: Could not get CIFS properties
I get that error a lot actually when I do anything via Imanager and CIFS and that server. I did some research and a possible explanation that I found was the server needed a replica on it, I've since added that replica and rerun the install process for CIFS and still get that error.
I can access the share tab in the CIFS with that server, but anything I try to create doesn't actually get created. I'd be okay with not needing to use Imanager and just be stuck with the command line utility novcifs but when I try to create a share with that I get the following...
novcifs -sap \media\nss\STUDHOME -n STUDHOME
Error : Adding Share to Volume List is failed. , Error Number: 2
I've verified via Console1 that the NCP server has the nfapCIFSConfigInfo extenstion on it.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Anthony Ardolino