I have a user that has been setup in Mobile Sync from the first release. Because of the various calendar bugs, that hopefully have been fixed, his device calendar is missing items in his GroupWise calendar.

Because a lot of these missing appointments were generated before the bug fixes, I figure that Mobile Sync is not going to go back and fix the previous errors. So the only solution I can think of to get his calendar back in sync is to remove his mobile sync account and then re-add the user.

So my questions is what is the best way to remove a user from the Mobile Sync Server so that data is not lost from either his GroupWise mailbox or device? Or is there a way to reset a mobile sync accounts contents without going to the extreme of deleting the account in Mobile Sync and on the device?

The mobile device is an iPhone running iOS 4.x.


Roger Palmer
Chapin Hall at the University of Chicago