I am trying to establish a site to site VPN with two BorderManager 3.6

servers running on Netware 6.0. I have loaded patches nw6sp3e and
bm36sp2a. I have configured one server as a master and one as a slave.

Time is the same on both servers and routing is working properly
servers prior to setting up the vpn.

The problem I have is that the VPN tunnel does not establish
In the audit log on the master server is get :

- Failed VPN member notifications.
- Failed configuring VPN member SBSPXI01
- Configuring VPN Memeber SBSPXI01
- Computed outbound shared key for connection SBSPXI01
- Created a connection for SBSPXI01
- Created rc5 shared secret for connection SBSPXI01
- Failed VPN member notifications
- Failed configuring VPN member SBSPXI01
- Initiated an IP call to SBSPXI01@
- The VPN tunnel has been initialized

The SBSPXI01 server is the slave VPN server. If I look at the audit
on the slave server it just shows the slave server ready and waiting
a connection.

I have run out of things to check.....can anyone give me some
on what could be causing this problem.